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Wellness Resources

CEWL is proud to offer wellness resources for educators and support staff. It is critical that our public school employees make their health a priority. Below you will find content related to physical, mental, and social-emotional well-being.

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2024 SC Educator Mindfulness Retreat

Educators need opportunities for renewal. They need intentional time set aside to restore their spirits, refill their own buckets, and recommit to self-care. Our educator renewal retreat offers a special kind of experience for teachers that focuses on nourishing their inner lives in an environment of autonomy, relevance, and compassion. The secular, science-based, and trauma-sensitive retreat is designed BY educators FOR educators.

Wellness Videos

Wellness Videos
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What is a Mindfulness Retreat?
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Mindfulness: An Introduction for Educators
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CEWL Bites with Audrey Calianos - Pack a Healthy Lunch in 10 Minutes or Less
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The Playful Classroom with Jed Dearybury
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Write to the Core with Laura Bean
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Properly Fueled: Nutrition's Impact on Student Success
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The Whole Teacher with Lauren Girgash
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CEWL Ideas: Mindfulness & School Culture
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Arming Our Schools for Mental Healthiness
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