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ReHUMANizing School is a docuseries created by Todd Scholl. The series provides a glimpse into the cultures of two small schools in rural Virginia that prioritize LIFE. These schools provide a vision for what education can look like when the needs of human beings are not sacrificed at the altar of our "test and punish" culture. 

The schools featured are Blue Mountain School and Springhouse Community School. Both schools are private, but this series is not intended to promote privatization efforts. It is designed to spark conversations about school culture. The intent is to show what is possible if public schools could break free from our obsession with standardized testing metrics that have increasingly dehumanized schools. This is not an attack on teachers, students, or the institution of public schools. It is a challenge to the SYSTEM, a system that has become so toxic that a record number of teachers are leaving the profession, a system that too often leaves students feeling uninspired and unheard. Privatizers want the system to be toxic so that it will collapse and open up opportunities to profit. We must prevent this by regaining control of the system, or they will win. Public school educators and students deserve a reHUMANized system, one that honors what they need to flourish.

Below you will find the trailer, a preface, the four main episodes, and all of the uncut interviews conducted to create the series.


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