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CEWL Induction Institute

Developed by Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder, The Center for Educator Wellness and Learning’s (CEWL) Induction Institute is a comprehensive induction program designed to provide new teachers and other early career educators in South Carolina with the necessary support, resources, and mentorship to foster their professional growth and success in education. The Institute aims to:

• Support beginning educators

• Improve the quality of teaching in SC

• Raise the level of student achievement

• Reduce the rate of attrition among those new to the profession

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Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder
Teaching & Learning

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Champion of equity, social justice, and systems change initiatives to alleviate disparities for marginalized groups.

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CEWL Beans Podcast

Join Angelica McDonald, Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder, and Todd Scholl for this bi-monthly podcast about issues facing induction teachers.

CEWL Beans

CEWL Beans
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CEWL Beans: Parental Communication

CEWL Beans: Parental Communication

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CEWL Beans - Episode 1

CEWL Beans - Episode 1

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