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Meet The Team

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Todd Scholl

Lead Learner
Wellness Initiatives

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Father, educator, meditator, nerd, writer and presenter who believes public schools are essential to democracy.

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Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder

Teaching & Learning

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Champion of equity, social justice, and systems change initiatives to alleviate disparities for marginalized groups.

C3 Collective

CEWL Content Creators are The SCEA members producing meaningful content to improve the culture of public school educators and students in South Carolina


Audrey Calianos

CEWL Bites
Nutritional Wellness

Registered Dietician / Passionate about mental AND physical well-being, firmly holding the belief that these two aspects are intricatley interconnected.

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Angelica McDonald

CEWL Beans
Induction Podcast

English teacher in the Pee Dee region.

SC Council of the Holocaust Fellowship recipient and co-host of the Crayons and Pencils podcast. 


Cassie Owens Moore

CEWL Books
Banned Books

Librarian, teacher, freedom advocate, and bridge builder who believes in the transformative power of books and conversation.

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Pete Stone

CEWL Vibes
Ed. Philosophy

Believes that each person is a miracle beyond comprehension and education’s importance is realized when it empowers people to recognize their innate wonder and the tools to then always shine brighter that unique light into the world with greater freedom and joy while helping others do the same.


Alex Del Castillo

CEWL Wellness
TikTok Creator

A Math/Science Educator, LGBTQIA+ Advocate, Environmentalist , Social Emotional Learning Facilitator (SEL*F), and Yogi.


Steve Nuzum

CEWL Views

Writer, former teacher, passionate advocate

for students and educators. 


Mindi Penn

CEWL Stories
Tales from a Veteran Educator


Nurin Willis

CEWL Schools

History and politics nerd, teacher, social justice activist, lifelong learner, and purveyor of dad jokes, committed to making good trouble as long as it’s still necessary.

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