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The SCEA and CEWL are proud to offer free professional learning sessions for you and your team. Take a look at potential offerings below and contact Todd Scholl to discuss how we can meet your needs.

Classroom Management: Practical Tips for Creating an Engaging and Productive Learning Environment

Facilitator: Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder


This dynamic and engaging session is specifically designed for new teachers embarking on their teaching journey and will equip them with the essential tools and strategies for managing their classrooms effectively, creating a positive and productive learning environment, and fostering strong teacher-student relationships. Utilizing a combination of interactive activities, group discussions, practical demonstrations, and scenario-based case studies, this presentation will afford participants the opportunity to share their experiences, ask questions, and collaborate with peers to develop effective classroom management skills.

​Increasing Cultural Relevancy in Your School and Classrooms

Facilitator: Pete Stone

Cultural relevancy is not an additional teaching trick to add to the curriculum for increased productivity. Cultural relevancy is in one simple word: Truth.  Truth engages and inspires because it tells the complete story. Also, our world is naturally a wonderful and exciting  place because of our collective, beautiful diversity. Therefore, it actually takes more effort to not present culturally relevant lessons and work environments than otherwise.  However, given the current nature of our society, being culturally relevant in education does take being on purpose.  In this session, Stone offers an opportunity for participants to open up and collectively discover how to  bring cultural relevancy into our work as well as recognize the tremendous benefits this approach brings to improving every area of our profession and lives.  Stone has taught this way his entire career with great results as the truth always inspires students. Given the great sensitivity surrounding these issues, Stone will also help share tools to help you feel more confident bringing this approach to your work environment in sensitive and  successful ways. If you or your faculty is looking for a way to approach starting and continuing this conversation or emphasizing the skill set needed to have culturally relevant lessons and environment, then this is a great session to participate in.

Instructional Strategies 101: Unlocking Active Learning in the ELA Classroom

Facilitator: Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder


In this session designed to empower 6th through 12th grade English teachers with a diverse toolkit of effective strategies, we will delve into innovative approaches that will transform your ELA classroom into a vibrant hub of active learning. During this interactive session, you will be guided through a dynamic journey, unveiling a myriad of techniques designed to captivate your students and foster their love for English language arts. Discover the power of cooperative learning, student-centered discussions, technology integration, and creative projects as we demonstrate how these strategies can revolutionize your instruction.


You will emerge equipped with a repertoire of strategies that will breathe new life into your ELA classroom. Witness your students' motivation soar, their participation skyrocket, and their love for learning thrive. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your teaching practice and create an environment where active learning becomes the cornerstone of ELA education!

Instructional Strategies 101: Key Approaches for Active Learning and Student Engagement

Facilitator: Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder


Ready to supercharge your teaching game? This engaging session is here to arm you with a bag of tricks that'll work wonders in any classroom, no matter what you teach.


These game-changing strategies will have your students totally hooked and will become your secret sauce to revolutionizing your instructional approach! 

Personality Types and Leadership Styles: What Shape Are You?
Facilitator: Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder


Looking for an effective strategy to determine “who’s in the room?” Without a doubt, you’re certain to have a hodgepodge of circles, squares, squiggles, and triangles in your classroom! How will you pair the students in each of these groups? This best practice session will teach you how to determine what kind of personality types and leaders you have in your class, how students with these unique characteristics mesh or clash, and how you can best utilize their skills and talents in authentic learning experiences.


Facilitator: Todd Scholl

Recording and publishing podcasts has never been easier. In this session, teachers will learn how to create podcasts with their students and share them with the world!

ReHUMANizing School
Facilitator: Todd Scholl


The accountability movement has resulted in dehumanizing school cultures, toxic to both educators and their students. It is time for a concerted effort to push back and rehumanize our schools. Join Todd Scholl, Lead Learner of The South Carolina Education Association's Center for Educator Wellness & Learning, as he facilitates a discussion on the potential antidotes to the toxic cultures we face.

Self-Care for Educators
Facilitator: Todd Scholl

Educators pour themselves into their work, spending countless hours ensuring their students' needs are met. Too often, the demands of the profession result in educators neglecting their own physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is not selfish for educators to make time for self-care. Educators must make their own wellness a priority. Wellness includes good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and developing healthier habits. Wellness programs should be a standard component of all districts and schools. Investing in our educators' well-being is essential to prevent burnout and foster good health.

Surviving the Induction Years: 

Tips for Avoiding 1st-Year Teacher Burnout

Facilitator: Dr. Marcella Wine-Snyder

Are you a new teacher eagerly stepping into the world of education, ready to make a difference in the lives of your students? The first year of teaching can be an exhilarating but challenging journey, filled with countless responsibilities, unexpected hurdles, and moments of self-doubt. Surviving the induction years and avoiding burnout is crucial to building a successful, fulfilling, and sustainable career in education. In this engaging and practical session, we will delve into the strategies and tips that can help you navigate the overwhelming landscape of your first year as a teacher. Drawing from extensive research and experienced educators; insights, we will provide you with resources to not only survive but thrive during this critical period.

Teach Like Ted Lasso

Facilitator: Todd Scholl

Drawing upon examples from the Apple TV show Ted Lasso, we explore how to build positive classroom culture. We dive into Simon Senek's Golden Circle, vulnerability, authenticity, and self-determination theory.

Trauma-Informed Basics
Facilitator: Todd Scholl

Many students enter our classrooms dealing with trauma, toxic stress, and other issues that impact their ability to learn. Unfortunately, many educators have not been given the training needed to address these issues in accordance with our best understanding of neuroscience and psychology. As educators become trauma-informed, they become better positioned to provide the best responses, interventions, and resources to help all students achieve their greatest potential.

Wix Website Editing

Facilitator: Todd Scholl

​Learn to build a fully-featured website in sixty minutes. This free web-based site builder allows teachers and their students to build dynamic websites in a user-friendly way. These sites are perfect for setting up digital portfolios!

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